Checking Who Visit Your Website In Easy Ways!

There are many ways to ensure that your website are able to improve your product sales, improving your customer number or awareness of your content. One of the best way is by checking the website traffic properly and know anything you can improve from your website. There are many tools available that can help you,  some of them provide more than simply hard number and statistic. Today, i will provide you a step by step guide on checking your web traffic, check Who visits your website and ensure that your business succeeds.

The first method is monitoring traffic from your own website. According to your website platform, you might be able to monitor traffic from your own website. If you are using wordpress, it’s very easy to access your site’s stats. This feature are built in the web platform to check traffic and maintenance. Several platform may not having this kind of feature, but you can check the number of your blog post comment.

Another method are using plugins and websites. You can use plugins or other website that provides you with monitoring applications that capable to track the route each visitor took to find your site. Some website such as Google analytics, alexa, and compete are providing you with free service, you can use their service for free, however you may only track basic information from the website you track. You can use this kind of website to track your competitor website traffic.

The next method is using Leadfeeder, this superb application are allow you to track deeply into visitor that visiting your website. Integrating with google analytic, then use information from google analytic properly to find out hidden visitor and then sort them into proper list of people who are interested into your website. The price is cheap and you get 30-day-free trial you can use to improve your website properly.

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