Growing Your Contracting Business

Whether you’re a roof installer or expert in interior design, general contracting is a challenging profession. You must compete with local companies that might have more employees, experience or name recognition. Growing your contracting business doesn’t have to be difficult. You simply need to follow a few guidelines to develop relationships for the long run.
Secure Licenses and Training
Customers won’t give you a second thought unless you have a license to work in the state. Before you start advertising to your neighborhood, be aware of the specific licenses and training required in your area. Your company will have a professional reputation before the first job commences. Hire employees with advanced skills who can also add value to your business. In many cases, the employees make the company what it is as they complete each job.
Word-of-Mouth Influences
Old-fashioned references are still powerful tools in the contracting business. After completing a project, ask the homeowner to recommend you to friends. Each customer has the ability to reference your work a dozen times or more. You never know where that next job will come from. Business owners and other homeowners may be waiting for the right contractor to fix their issues.
Get Social
Go online, and cultivate relationships through social media. Add your company’s name to each post so that the logo and brand are familiar to followers. Offer useful information to the everyday person so that general contracting doesn’t seem so intimidating or confusing. Social-media posts can be shared across many users’ feeds, which makes your reach much more powerful as you write up how-to articles, funny jokes and other interesting narratives.
Be Proactive
Potential customers will have questions and comments. When you see any online posts about your company, be proactive and join in on the conversation. Negative comments might occur too, but you don’t have to be offended by the information. Use this opportunity to clear up any confusion. Other followers will see the exchange, and they’ll applaud you for trying to resolve the situation. They might seek you out for services in the future.
Several websites offer general contractor leads so that you can have a wider customer base than before. Try these websites while maintaining other relationships in the business. You may not have a lot of leads from just one area, but combining your contacts across online and in-person meetings can add up to a successful venture.

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