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Retirement obligations related with leases are reported in accordance with IAS 37. The asset side of the provision (equivalent to what US GAAP, in FAS 143, calls an asset retirement obligation) is added to the correct of use asset for the lease subsequent adjustments to the provision outcome in adjustments to the ROU asset, which cannot be reduced beneath zero (if further adjustments are essential because the liability is lowered, a gain is recorded).

On 24th November 1931 Capone was sentenced to 11 years in a federal prison, fined US$50,000, charged US$215,000 in back taxes plus interest and court charges. He served seven years at the US Penitentiary in Atlanta and at Alcatraz, and was sooner or later released on 16th November 1939, possessing paid all his back taxes and fines. On his release Capone was also ill to resume his gangland activities, and successfully retired to Palm Island, Florida, where he died on 25th January 1947.

It is so surprising how we are truly engaging in these scandalous activities,most current one particular theLehman Brother’s use of REPO 105 TRANSACTIONS to increase its leverage position at financial reporting period ends. This is so terrible and putting our profession at threat and with a BIIIIIIIG question mark. You and me have to do one thing to uophold our core values of Integrity and professionalism,otherwise we will maintain misleading Investors,regulators and even our fellow pros.

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